About the Teacher

  • Richard Shepherd


    It's all about Shepherd :)

    Mr.Shepherd has been teaching at Franklin High School for about thirteen years. He started teaching at the age of thirty five. Shepherd, had other career choices such as being a Electronic Technician, dealing with the Financial Market, or Teaching. It all came down to picking one, and he chose teaching because he likes working with the students and helping them. Before becoming a teacher he was a part of the miltiary. There was challenges during that time as of sleepless nights, and being away from his loved ones.His subject of teaching are seniors Econmics and American Goverment and Juniors U.S History. We asked him what would be another subject he would be intersted in and he replied "it has to be science related" Everybody has diffulities and struugle in life, its the matter of not letting those things bring you down, and get in your way of your dreams of goals. Shepherd was one of those who pushed himself to do good. Around the age of 22 he would get sick a lot. Shepherd felt alone and had to do thing independently. He felt like his students needs are more important. He said " im only one person, it gets draining"

    His priority is helping others, and it's what he does best.

    TLC History Final

    Each student will be writing a 6-to-8 page research paper using the MLA format. Each student will present their research paper in an 8-to10 minute presetation.