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  • Kristina Schoch-Giannosa


    A brief bio


    I am a teacher at Franklin High School.  Franklin has been my home for the past 11 years.  This year, I teach IB Freshmen World History and History of the Americas IB Diploma HL Year 2.  I love teaching because I feel that knowledge gives us power to unlock the world.  What better job in the world is there than a job that allows me to work with brilliant young students as they discover the mysteries of the world through the lens of the classroom?

    My favorite part of history is learning the story behind the facts.  Too often it is easy to forget that History is the story of people's lives... these people are every day people like you and I-- who, through extraordinary circumstances and events, tell their stories.  We see this from top leaders such as our great presidents, ruthless leaders, or inspiring people who have changed the world around them.  We also see these stories in the common every day man or woman who lived during these times; men and women who fought for abolition or suffrage rights or survived terrifying times of revolution and war.  Most of the time, they do not know that their stories will be documented for the future or what impact they will have on the future generations.  We have a responsibility to learn from our ancestors and to heed the lessons of history to help make our future better.  Who knows what will end up in the history books tomorrow and what great impact we may have in these stories.

    When I'm not teaching, I am usually hanging out with my husband and my dogs at home.  You will find me catching up on a really good book or watching some of my favorite shows including Gray's Anatomy, Scorpion, Madame Secretary or Once Upon a Time.

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