About the Teacher

  • Carlos Franco


    In this class they learn multiple things about driving but in this particular assignment  Mr. Franco and Adan are going to test out beer goggles and see how they affect the person's vision. As you can see Mr. Franco is explaining and giving out instructions of what Adan is going to have to do for this following experiment. The materials used are beer goggles, a pen, cones, and the side of the road they will show how human vision and the brain works with alcohol abuse. In this case Adan and Eduardo were the students testing this material out. First, Mr. Franco asked Adan if he can please touch the top of the pen but he was not capable of passing this part of the test as he pushed and missed it. Second, Adan was being tested for balance and was not even able to stay in between the cones. Third, Mr. Franco and Eduardo put Adan of the side of the road and tried to see if his body was able to maintain on the side of the road. Adan was not able to take one correct step and tilted to the side. As Eduardo, he was able to stay balanced and walk in a straight line but finally when Mr. Franco threw the tennis ball towards him he was not able to react as fast as normal because of the imperfect vision.