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  • External Exam Tips:

    1. Create timelines of the most significant events of each route topic covered over the past two years. Identify the ten most important events and begin your research there.

    2. Timelines do not have to be one dimensionsal. I recommend that you create timelines using maps; charts; pictures to create a multifaceted learning tool for your research.

    3. Use the 5 W's to create a formula to check your work.

    4. Catalogue the historians used in class and through your independent research to ensure that you can incorporate them into your responses.

    5. Reference your annotated bibliography from the past two years. Source material is broken down in the OPVL format for easy reference.

    6. Paper 3 requires that you respond to 3 questions only.  You have 2 1/2 hours to answer these questions.  That is approximately 50 minutes per question.

    7. Paper 3 requires that you focus on the region of study-The Americas. DO NOT include information from other regions.

    8. Introduction should be brief, include a thesis statement and answer the question.

    9. Conclusion should be the longest paragraph and should settle unresolved questions.  Anticipate counter arguments and finish your response. Please do not restate everything that you just wrote about. This is not a sumary.

    10. It will benefit you to do a brief prewrite before responding to questions. Use the 5 W's as a guide.

    11. Use precise language. DO NOT CREATE MORE QUESTIONS with vague unspecific language. Also, use discipline vocabulary to domonstrate mastery of concepts and the Historical dicipline.

    12. Incorporate data whenever possible.

    13. Avoid narrative story telling. Responses need to be analytical and must include historical perspectives to acheive the highest markband scores.

    14. Make sure that your writing is legible and easy to read. You do not want to make the moderator struggle to read your response. Remember, they do not know you, and are not going to give you a break like your classroom teacher might. You want this to be as neat and as specific as possible to ensure that the moderator is not distracted by aesthetic issues that detract from the clarity.

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