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  • Daniel Castañòn, Jr



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    Greetings! I am a Stocktonian. I graduated from Edison HS and attended UC Santa Barbara for my Bachelor's Degree. I am currently working on my Masters in Theatre Directing at Roosevelt University in Chicago during the Summer time. I have been teaching for 17 years in the district and I love my job.

    The purpose of my courses is to create theatregoers. My hope is to create a generation who will choose to see a show over going to a movie or who will go and work on a show at a local community theatre house. Students who have takien my courses should leave knowing all aspects of theatre production and should know the basics of every job. Top students are given the opportunity to direct their own one act during the final term of their senior year.

    My courses include: Drama I (Intro to Drama Patterns); Drama II (Intermediate Drama Production) and Practical Theatre I (Advanced Drama: Viewpoints and Design).


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