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  • Deb Barbieri




    You are the single most influential person(s) in your child's life. They need all of your support to be successful in the years to come.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns to discuss your child's needs.

    Some of the most important learning objectives for students in the third grade are in the following areas:

    • Social skills and moral character: follow rules in the classroom, on the playground, and general school rules; respect others-  verbal and physical contact are communicated positively to others; personal property of others is respected; respect that the classroom is a community of learners; teachable virtures students need to grow in: fairness, helpfulness, caring, honesty, and respect.
    • Math (knowing facts to 10).  The benchmark for third graders in the first quarter is automaticity of math facts 0,1,2,5,10.
    • Reading fluency (increased word accuracy, using expression while reading, and a steady speed while reading, from one quarter to the next). The benchmark for third graders in the first quarter is 92+ words per minute.
    • Reading comprehension (understanding that reading is thinking; growth will come from an ability to apply the appropriate strategy to more and more difficult reading passages).
    • Writing (capitalize and punctuate properly, and writing sentences to form paragraphs using correct subject-verb tenses).

    To a great year,

    Ms. Barbieri  


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