About the Teacher

  • Earl Roider, 5th Grade Teacher


    Mr. Roider


     Mr. Roider loves his family, Boy Scouts, Photography and Art.

    Mr. Roider is married to a wonderful lady who works as an librarian at Mable Baron School named Kimberlee.  He has two adult children, Benjamin and Aaron, who are both products of Stockton Unified schools.  Both are were Boy Scouts and earned their Eagle Scout Award.  Mr. Roider also has two grandsons, Jayden and Arlo.  Jayden is now a 6th grader and loves to read.  Arlo is new to the family and is now two years old and learning great things about the world.


    Kim and Earl      



  • Boy Scouts

    Mr. Roider has been involved in Boy Scouting for over 20 years and currently serves as Scoutmaster of local Troop 145.  This experience has allowed him to watch his sons and other boys learn leadership skills and take part in amazing outings and activities.  These activities include camping, backpacking, rock climbing, rafting, rocketry and all kinds of other fun.









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    I am passionate about working with youth, no matter if it is my 5th grade class, Boy Scouts or Little League.  It is exciting to have the privilege to assist young people in their development as individuals. It's great to help them realize their full potential.  And to help them to realize that lifetime learning is important and that it can be fun!


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    Welcome back to school.  We expect a great year and know hard work will help us to achieve this year's goals. 

     We will explore

    We will ask questions

    We will read

    We will write

    We will investigate

    We will set goals

    We will learn daily 

    We will expect great things

    We will learn from our mistakes

    We will make our families proud

    We will have fun


    We are learning to do our best.  We strive for 100/100, in other words, 100 percent effort, 100 percent of the time.  As 5th grade students we are working hard to master basic skills of mulitplication facts and reading.   

    We are also learning that success is a daily choice.  Everyday is a new day to learn and achieve.
  • Art and Photography

    During his free time Mr. Roider enjoys Art and Photography.


    Matthew    sunset

    painting    camp