About the Teacher

  • Steven Green



    A little about Mr. Green


    It's hard to believe that I am currently entering my 13th year of teaching.  Although being a teacher is very challenging at times, I thoroughly enjoy it.  Probably, the nicest thing about teaching is getting the opportunity to work with kids and see them develop skills and grow throughout the school year.  When a student demonstrates new learning - and I am responsible for that - it's the best reward I can get.  I truly want all of my students to succeed.  Of course, academic standards here in California have become quite challenging for students.  There is so much to learn and master.  Because of this, teachers have had to increase their efforts and develop new strategies toward promoting student success more and more each year.  Certainly, students also can help in their progress by following a few simple guidelines.

    First, parents can help out by ensuring that their children attend school daily and come on time. Even one missed day can make it difficult to catch up.  Secondly, a student will perform better in school when getting a good night's sleep and eating a healthy breakfast.  How many times have I heard this:  "Mr. Green, my stomach/head hurts."  Then I ask, "Did you eat breakfast?"  "No."  There's your answer!  And yes, I have on more than several occasions witnessed children sleeping in class during learning times.  How well can you concentrate when you're sleepy or hungry?  Bottom line: sleep and eat.


    Also, research has clearly shown that students who pay attention/listen actively and complete homework daily have a much better chance of retaining new information. Typically, a lesson looks like this: The teacher demonstrates/shows students a new skill or strategy,  Then, students and teacher work together to further achieve understanding.  After that, students work independently on concept while teacher monitors and assists as needed.  Finally, homework is assigned that very day to further reinforce students' learning by giving additional practice.  Simply put: children who consistently pay attention during instructional time and complete homework on a regular basis will outperform those who don't.

    Finally, the Fillmore staff and administration adhere to an extensive array of rules, procedures, routines, and expectations.  These are centered around safety, respect, and student achievement. We aspire to see your students grow academically and socially in a safe, secure, and happy environment.  All students are expected to follow these rules and procedures, and we will teach them how.  For more info, see the SUSD Student Conduct Code booklet and the Fillmore School Policies and Procedures Student Handbook. Both have been given to your children to take home.

    Together, we can help to bring out your children's greatest potential and become shining stars.