Working Remotely

Information Services | published 18 Mar 2020


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become necessary for many to work remotely. If you are working remotely, this information page is exactly what you need, regardless of your level of experience. We'll cover the following topics to ensure you have all you need. So bookmark this page because it will get updated as we discover new and relevant information about working remotely.

Prerequisites for working remotely

There are very obvious prerequisites in working remotely. The key elements are listed below.

Systems and Services accessible outside  the District's network

Certain services, listed below, do not require access to SUSD's computer network.  All one needs for these services is connectivity to the Internet and a device with a browser of an installable app.

Systems and services accessible only inside the District's network

To access the services below you will need to use the District's VPN (virtual private network) services. VPN services will allow you to remotely establish a connectivity tunnel between your computer (at a remote location) and the District network. Once connected, your computer will operate like it is at the office. If you are already remote and has a need for VPN, please contact helpdesk for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

So now that you are working remotely, you have questions. Below are questions and answers you may find useful.