• High School Math



    Welcome to class! I am glad you have decided to come and finish your high school diploma with us. The class is offered in two ways. The first is through our partners at Edgenuity. The second method is using a high school textbook. Both programs are self-paced and self-didactic. I am here to help you one on one when you require it. Also, some whole class instruction may be given. Said instruction will cover general skills required for any of the classes you may be taking. Here are some basic expectations once you are enrolled:


    1. The class is from noon to three fifteen in the afternoon with a fifteen-minute break at one thirty.

    2. The login for a Chromebook is your personal email. I would recommend to you to create a separate account just for school work.

    3.  Computers are to be used as tools to get through the class and not entertainment. Use the system wisely... remember, the school logs and monitors each computer and the network bandwidth.

    4.  The environment in class is inclusive, safe and design to maximize study time.

    5.  Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom. If you wish to have a snack, we have a lounge downstairs.


         Thank you for coming and I hope you meet your goals!