• Technology At HCA

    Here at HCA, we use technolgy all the time. We use it for everything from communicating with students, parents, other teachers, to recording grades, to posting daily agendas and assignments, and even to check for plagerism! This page will be updated as new how to's are created, as new tips and tricks are found, whenever new technology is added! Keep an eye on this page!

  • Login Online

    The following programs can easily be accessed from your computer. Please visit each of these sites and login to make sure that you are able to access them all.

    • Google for Stockton Unified. Remember, this email is your StudentID@stocktonusd.org. You need to get into the habit of checking your .org email address on a regular basis. If you are new to the District, your password will your birthdate: MMDDYYYY. If that doesn't work, please try YYYYMMDD. If that doesn't work, message Mrs. Areida and she will reset your password.  
    • JupiterEd is the grading program we use here at HCA. It is also a major way that we communicate. Make sure to check it daily. Any teacher can help you login to Jupiter. 
    • Xello  will be used for career exploration, college research, connecting the dots between the career you want and the colleges that offer the matching programs. Mrs. Areida will also be looking to see which careers are of the most interest to students to find appropriate rounds speakers, job shadow opportunities, field trip locations and internship sites. Make sure to save your favorite careers so she knows what you're looking for! To login for the first time, you use StudentID@stocktonusd.net and your password will be your birthdate: YYYYMMDD (year, month date). 
      • IF your teacher and/or Mrs. Areida has reset your password, you MUST visit the generic Xello website
        • Your login is stk-ID#
        • Your password will be the temporary one that Mrs. Areida or your teacher gave you. 
        • After you login and change your password, you will able to utilize the original SUSD Xello site. 
    • Turn It In is HCA's plagiarism check program for essays, reflections, presentations, etc. This program can also be used for peer marking, discussion boards and self editing. Get used to it! Many colleges utilize this program or similar ones. 
    • Typing Agent (Freshmen/Sophomores) One of the things we've noticed is that students need to type more and more, and because we haven't been taught properly, we're hunting and pecking and wasting a lot of time! Typing Agent is a great program to teach you to type properly and to increase your speed as you decrease your errors. At the end of the year, if you reach 45 words per minute with 1 or less errors a minute, you can earn a typing certificate that can help you get a job! Typing Agent has been fixed!! The username is your school Gmail Account (studentid@stocktonusd.org) and the password is 1234. Please change that after you login. 
    • StudentVue and HP Laptops: The login name for these is your Student ID. The password will be your bithdate in YYYYMMDD form. 
    • Hero:  To register, follow these easy steps (or watch this 1.5 minute video):
    • 1) Go to https://access.heropowered.com
      2) Select the parent or student button

      3) Click “Create An Account”
      4) Enter name, your email address, choose a password, click “Create user”
      5) Click “Add Student”
      6) Choose “No” to add your student using their ID Number, Date of Birth, and Last Name.
    • Pearson EasyBridge (Freshmen/Sophomores): Login information and more details will be announced in your regular classes. 



  • Download the App

    The following programs can easily be accessed from your mobile device. Please visit the correct store for your mobile device to find the free apps below. 

    • Hero - Search Plasco in your app store to find the Hero app. This app will help you keep track of all your detentions and your positive points. You can also access this resource online by visiting the Hero webpage. REMEMBER - if you signed up last year, when you request a new password, Hero may be sending the new password to an email account that is not your school gmail. Please check BOTH your personal email account and your school account for the reset password link.