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    San Francisco Mural - Diego Rivera - Pan American Unity 1940 (fresco) Last official fresco in the US. Sits at the Diego Rivera Theater at City College of San Francisco

    Guidelines for Cultural Participation Research:

    An important part of learning a world language involves learning about the people who speak the language, their culture, their history, and their pastimes.  Not all of this can occur in the classroom.  The purpose of the ACE project is to give world language students individual opportunities to connect with the language and culture they are working really hard to learn, outside of their classroom.  This project encourages students to visit museums, missions, and other historical sites.  They need to find opportunities to communicate with native speakers of the language in stores, classes, museums, and  their local communities, even meeting and texting people in their new learned skill.  Students may try a new experience of seeing live performances, watching movies in Spanish, making a craft object, copying a famous work of art or preparing an authentic meal and even teaching someone how to dance a popular routine.  They may even include information and artifacts from other Spanish-speaking countries or impersonate someone who has made a historical contribution.  I know, without a doubt, students will do incredibly impressive work as they put together their project. In advance, I thank you for getting involved in this adventure with your students! IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAICE A CHILD!


    Scholars must turn in actual projects on MAY 11 and presented on  MAY15NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED


     Parents/ guardians are invited to be present for students' PRESENTATIONS via GOOGLE MEETS MAY 15 - MAY 18

    Students will need the following requirements:

    1. You must total 300  points worth of selected activities.
      1. 50% will account for your writing grade, research must be evident,  and must be presented during ACE presentations. Your writing must follow the ACE project guidelines which you can find the link to below.
      2. 20 % will account for your actual project and must be turned in to the teacher. 0% will be earned for projects not physically turned in.
      3. 30% accounts for your personal presentation for each project, research must be evident and shared during your presentation in the class.
    2. Parents must sign and approve students' choices for their projects as some projects could have expenses.
    3. One page essay IS REQUIRED per project - MLA FORMAT - Your writing should include: Action, Connection and Reflection paragraphs that clearly show research that was conducted. Follow the guidelines given in the link below. Due:MAY 11, essays must be submitted to Google classroom in the google form required.
    4. Your physical and current projects MUST BE TURNED IN to Stagg High by MAY 11  to Profesora Cruces. Projects may be collected after May 25th 2024. All projects are exhibited at the Mexican Heritage Center dates TBD and could be part of the Cinco de Mayo City celebrations around Stockton or other cultural community events.
    5. You are responsible for making sure your videos and power points can PLAY properly before your due date: 
    6. Due date for videos and presentations to be submitted to google classroom, in the required Google form is; MAY 11. Zero grade will be given to those projects that the teacher is unable to have access to.
    7. Work cited page (must include all resources you accessed) MLA FORMAT ONLY submit to google classroom with your essays.
    8. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED under any circumstances.
    9. Plagiarism will result in a ZERO for the entire project (not just the section where you plagiarized, use your own words).
    10. Students must be exposed and learn about the 21 Spanish speaking countries and will be required to be present during ACE presentations week as everyone presents their projects. Students will receive 10% extra grade for their attendance or lose 10% of their ACE project grade for each day they are absent during ACE presentations. 

    ACE Connection and Reflections Guidelines

     ACE Preguntas en español 

    ACE Project List Level 1

    ACE Nivel 2 Level 2


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                                 Here is a Map of the Missions you may visit!

    California Missions Mapr

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