• Intro to Health Careers!  


    Xello  will be used for career exploration, college research, connecting the dots between the career you want and the colleges that offer the matching programs. Mrs. Areida will also be looking to see which careers are of the most interest to students to find appropriate rounds speakers, job shadow opportunities, field trip locations and internship sites. Make sure to save your favorite careers so she knows what you're looking for!

    • To login for the first time,
      • You use StudentID@stocktonusd.net
      • Your password will be your birthdate: YYYYMMDD (year, month date). 
    • IF your teacher and/or Mrs. Areida has reset your password, you MUST visit the generic Xello website
      • Your login is stk-ID#
      • Your password will be the temporary one that Mrs. Areida or your teacher gave you. 
      • After you login and change your password, you will able to utilize the original SUSD Xello site. 

    Your Assignment:

    • Take the three quizzes to develop your profile: Matchmaker, Personality Style and Learning Style. 
    • Save three careers that you are interested in. 
    • Screenshot your Xello Dashboard and your Saved Options (see example below) and turn it in on Jupiter so Ms. Edmond knows you completed it. 

    Xello Dashboard

    Xello Saved Options


  • EverFi Information

    IF you have never registered before: 

    1. Go to EverFi Registration Page
    2. Enter the Registration Code for YOUR class period Perscription Drugs Modules
      • Per 1   25c22b84
      • Per 3   973e7d6f
      • Per 4   21cc3176
    3. Fill out the profile information and make sure to save your login information and password somewhere.  You will use this login several more times throughout the year, and even later at HCA.



  • The Either/Or Assignment:
    Semester 2

    One of our communtiy partners, Sutter Gould Health Foundation, offers an annual Health Professions Fair just for HCA students! This year, the Fair will be held on Saturday, April 25. Here's the Either/Or part of this assignment....

    You either attend the Sutter Health Professions Fair on Saturday, April 25


    You complete a 10 page career research paper and presentation that is due Monday, April 27. 


    To sign up for the Health Professions Fair, find it on HelperHelper and register. 



    As a future Health Professional, it is very important that you learn about HIPAA. Explore HIPAA here

    Current Event Template

    Have you told me what you want to do in the future as a career? Fill out this form! Changed your mind? Fill it out again! :) 

    Finished with Everything?

    • Typing Agent
      • Work on Typing Agent! Refine your skills and beat Mrs. Areida in a typing test...she'll buy you pizza! 
      • Username is your school gmail account. Password is 1234 until you change it. 

    Register for San Joaquin Delta Junior College:

    • Visit the San Joquin Delta College webiste and register for Delta.  This is how you get college credit for this class. 
    • Once you've received your Delta ID Number, fill out this form so you get your points. 

     About this Course:

    Flippity.net Instructions: 

    • Go to Flippity.net Quiz Show Instructions
    • Read through the instructions, paying close attention to what you do steps 2 and 3
    • Open the template
    • Complete the Quiz Show Board, following the examples provided
    • You can work in partners. 
    • Name the document Period GroupMembers Flippity


    Check out the following links to learn about careers in the Health Industry: 

  • Helpful Hints

    When submitting assignments in Jupiter Grades, please check to make sure you have...

    • changed the color of your answers so they stand out.
    • named your document: Period LastName FirstName AssignmentName
    • made sure to change the sharing features to say: People at Stockton Unified with the Link.