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    Job Shadow Information

    As a student at Health Careers Academy High School, you have the opportunity to participate in future building activities – Job Shadowing and Internships. Both of these activities are resume builders and will help when looking for a job! This packet addresses Job Shadows specifically. If you would like information on Internships, please check with Mrs. Areida.

    As a Sophomore, Junior or Senior at HCA, you can take part in our Job Shadow program.  You will visit a local health facility,  follow an employee to see what they do on the job and have the opportunity to ask questions of a professional in a field you are interested in observing. While Job Shadows opportunities are occasionally made known to HCA Administration  and teachers, the best way to secure a Job Shadow is to use your connections at a local health care facility to find one, Bring the name of the facility, the name of the person who will supervise you and their contact information to Mrs. Areida for approval (basically fill out the pages 2 and 3 of this packet that can found in the link on the right). Mrs. Areida will contact the company representative that you have listed and verify a time and date(s) for your job shadow.

    The best part about this is that this opportunity takes place during the normal school day! That’s right, just like a field trip, students who participate in these activities are able to be excused from their regular classes. As a reminder, students’ grades, attendance and discipline records will be checked.


    • Your experience cannot be directly with family members.
    • In order to be considered for a senior experience you must:
    • Fill out the attached paperwork and return it to Mrs. Areida at least two weeks prior to your job shadow.
    • Be in good standing with attendance, grades and discipline.

    After your application has been approved, you will be required to:

    • Get your teachers to sign off on the “Teacher Authorization” form that will be given to you with your approval letter.
    • Attend your Job Shadow and get your Site Supervisor to sign off on your attendance form.
    • Write a Thank You Letter to the site you visited.
    • Turn in your attendance form and Thank You Letter to Mrs. Areida so your absences will be marked as a school activity.

    Any Questions?

    Contact  Maxine Areida or  933-7360 ext 8667


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