About the Teacher

  • Hello! My name is Tim Costello, Mr. Costello, or even Mr. C. I am the English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies teacher for grades 4 - 6 in the ACT Team. I am incredibly honored and pleased to be one of your child's teachers. I will do my best to keep my assignments and calendar updated as frequently as I can. Students will be receiving a syllabus of what to expect this year. Please sign the syllabus and have your student return it to school the next day with all the other required documents. Back to school night is Monday, Aug. 6. The Stockton Public Library with have some staff out here doing a read along, provide some free books and making library cards for students. It is my goal and intention to have parental emails so I can invite all of you to receive weekly updates on your student. Additionally, it is my intention to provide access to my electronic grade book enabling you to view your student's grades, upcoming and/or missing assignments and any activities we have going on. I will also keep the class calendar as up to date as I can. There are a few exceptions, but the calendar applies to all three classes. Please check back regularly for news and updates.

    Timothy Costello