Sherry Jackson

  • Principal Jackson


    College Ready

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    We are very excited about the new year here at Chavez High School.   Our students are growing and learning more and more each year!   Our state test scores increased by 19% in English and 7% in Math.   Not only did our number of students meeting standards increase,   but our number of students who nearly met standards increased as well.  This shows that every student is moving in the right direction!  We are very proud of our decreasing discipline rates and are pleased to roll out a new mentoring program, in addition to a   new Wellness Center.  The Wellness Center will further support student needs with mental and physical health providers, group counseling and other support staff.  

    Students will also have many new opportunities, as we further expand our many career and educational pathways.  We are expanding our Career and   Technical Education (CTE) programs to include Business, Dance and Theater, as well as additional teachers for some of the other preexisting programs.  Although many of these programs have been offered at Chavez for a number of years, this expansion adds additional sections to meet the demand for these electives and the opportunity to learn from teachers who have a great deal of professional experience in these areas.  The new CTE programs now bring us to 12 career pathways, which has more than doubled the CTE program from just two years ago.  It’s so exciting to see the opportunities for our students to expand and grow each year!  We will also continue our Delta College courses during and after the regular school day so students can take advantage of the opportunity to take college classes here at Chavez for free while they are still earning their high school diploma.   

    Lastly, you will also see some construction starting this year, as our Varsity and JV baseball fields will be upgraded soon and we are finally getting a pool.  Our students will be able to take advantages of these facilities within the next year or so. 

    We anticipate another great year in which we plan to continue to grow our student leaders and further increase graduation rates! 

    Here’s to another great year smile

    Dr. Jackson