About the Early Assessment Program

  • The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a partnership between the California State University system, the California Department of Education, and California high school districts.  The EAP measures college readiness in English and math through the grade 11 STAR program's CST exams.  The program is voluntary and students who pass the EAP can be exempted from taking college-level placement tests in English and math at CSU and participating community colleges.  A further benefit of the program is that it allows students to prepare for college-level English and math courses while still in high school.

    The EAP exams are comprised of:

    • English Language Arts CST test questions and 15 additional multiple-choice items
    • 45-minute essay (administered separately)
    • Math CST test questions and 15 additional multiple-choice items

EAP Results

  • Summary of 2011 Results for Stockton Unified ELA

    • Maintained a high participation rate (87%)
    • 8% ready for college English courses


    • 53% participation rate
    • 4% ready for college math courses
    • 39% conditionally ready for college math courses

    Student benefits

    • 160 students exempted from taking English placement tests and remedial English courses
    • 236 students exempted from taking math placement tests and remedial math courses with appropriate grade 12 coursework.

    The complete report showing results from 2007-2011

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