Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) 1999

  • The Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) of 1999 authorizes the creation of an educational accountability system for California public schools. Its primary goal is to help schools improve and to measure the academic achievement of all students. PSAA components are the Academic Performance Index (API) and the Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM)

    PSAA Information and Ed Code

    Academic Performance Index (API)
    The cornerstone of California's Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999; measures the academic performance and growth of schools on a variety of academic measures.  (See below for the link to the reports)

    Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM)
    The California Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999 established ASAM which provides school-level accountability for alternative schools serving highly mobile and at-risk students.

    ASAM Documentation and Reports

Accountability Progress Reporting

  • California's integrated accountability system that reports both the state Academic Performance Index (API), and the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and Program Improvement (PI).

    APR Information and Reporting Center - This link will take you to a number of reports including API, AYP, Program Improvement, and Title III Accountability.


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