About the Teacher

  • Diane Thomasson






     Dear Parents,

     Greetings! My name is Ms. Thomasson. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to begin an exciting new school year. I am excited to begin this year and get to know all of you! Even though this year will present many challenges, there is nothing too hard for us to accomplish together! It is very important that we maintain constant contact to help support your children/my students.


     I have sent out Class Dojo invites to all parents and guardians. Please take time to accept the invite. Class Dojo is an excellent tool for communication. I will also send my phone number through Class Dojo or a text message, for those of you who have not yet accepted the invite.

     How to reach me

     A message can be left for me at the school office by calling (209) 933-7493 or via email at the following: dlthomasson@stocktonusd.net. Again, I will be sending my phone number through Class Dojo or text message.

     School Supply List

     The only supplies I am requesting for students is to make sure they have pencils, pens, and paper or notebooks to take notes with if necessary. Computers have been provided by the district. If your child does not have one, contact the main office at 209-933-7493 to request one.


     Students will be expected to complete classwork and homework online. Google Classroom has been set up for each student and class periods. Students should already know how to sign onto Google Classroom. If there are still questions, please feel free to contact me.


     Students are still required to attend online sessions every day. Attendance will be taken each morning, promptly, at 8:40 am. Students’ are expected to participate in each class period to be counted “here” for attendance. There are 6 periods, and students will be dealing with at least 3 teachers.

     Again, I look forward to a wonderful year with your children! Please do not hesitate to contact me for any and all questions you might have.


    Be blessed!