How Does STEP Up Program Work?

  • Staff

    Each site is staffed by SUSD and partner personnel from our many community partners and may include Give Every Child A Chance, the Jacoby Center, the Table or YMCA working together to provide a safe and caring environment for the students. Training for the staff is provided by SUSD and community providers.

    Academic Hour

    Academic interventions are provided by credentialed teachers at each site for a minimum of three hours a week. Tutoring support, based on the needs of the students, may include: reading, comprehension, writing, math, English language development and other academic areas or homework help.

    Enrichment Activities

    Academically based, challenging activities are offered five days a week.

    Enrichment programs include health and physical fitness, homework help, cultural awareness, character building, art, drama, team sports and more. Programs vary to serve the site’s needs and strengths drawing on the expertise and support of community-based organizations.

  •   Partner staff practice reading books from Red Rover's Humane Education training.


    Every day students participate in at least thirty minutes of active recreation.