Purchasing Supplies

  • 31. Q: Can we order technology NOW due to the time it takes to get the orders in, get them logged into SUSD property control and also get Info Services to image if needed?
    A: The only expenditures allowed prior to 7/1/12 are for the budgeted “Pre-Implementation activities,” which are:
    • Action planning summer 2012 (specific goals, strategies, tasks, timelines, personnel assigned) Principals and school leadership teams develop action plans with WestEd - 12-hour training
    • Summer 2012 intensive training from WestEd for teachers. Culture setting/professional development - 20 hours
    As soon as SUSD receives the grant award letter from CDE and SUSD accounts for 2012-2013 are set up, an email will be sent to each school. At that point you will be able to submit your technology orders. The Purchasing Department will complete the orders, but they will be placed “for delivery after July 1.” Vendors will not be able to delivery any products before July 1, 2012.

    32. Q: Will the funding be available in time to get account numbers and make purchases that meet the deadline of April 2nd and April 16th? Do we have to wait until July 1st to place orders?
    A: The April 2nd and April 16th deadlines are for the 2011-2012 school year and relate to funds that must be expended before June 30th, 2012. All SIG expenditures for year one other than pre-implementation activities are for 2012-2013 and must be made after July 1st unless the district submits a revised budget to CDE that includes additional pre-implementation expenses and it is approved by CDE. At this time, purchased items cannot be received prior to July 1st because they must be 2012-2013 expenditures. Purchasing will let you know when FY 2012-13 purchases can begin.