Personnel/New Personnel

  • 10. Q: Is a Parent Liaison FTE a 6-hour or 8-hour position?
    A: A Parent Liaison FTE is an 8-hour position.

    11. Q: Do we have a Parent Liaison job description already?
    A: Yes, a SIG Parent Liaison job description has been developed and will be submitted soon to the governing board for approval.

    12. Q: Some SIG schools wrote new positions into the grant. When will people be hired for these new positions?
    A: If job descriptions and budgets exist, jobs can be flown as soon as PAs reach Human Resources. If not, job descriptions will need to be developed and approved first by the governing board’s Personnel Committee, then by the entire board. After that, HR can fly the jobs. The individuals hired, however, cannot begin to work until July 1, 2012. Interview dates are determined by the PA process. If PAs are approved by the Superintendent, Business Office, and HR, they are flown as soon as possible. PAs can be submitted at any time, with an effective date of 7/1/12.

    13. Q: There are a few positions listed on each school’s SIG budget. Do we have job descriptions for each of these jobs or do some need to be developed?
    A: HR and district administration are already working on new job descriptions where they are needed. If you need information about a specific position, contact Brenda Blythe in Human Resources.

    14. Q: How can I get a copy of the job descriptions for positions in the SIG grant?
    A: All job descriptions, including those for the SIG grant, will be posted on the Human Resources web site once they are approved by the SUSD governing board. After the SIG webpage is activated, they will be posted there as well.

    15. Q: Is it possible to add a few descriptors to the AP positions advertised for the seven SIG Schools in order to get the right person at each site?
    A: No. AP duties at SIG schools will not differ significantly from those at nonSIG schools.

    16. Q: Are job descriptions/positions matched to the individual school sites?
    A: No. Job descriptions can be used at any school site.

    17. Q: When will account numbers be set up for the schools in order to process POs and PAs?
    A: Per Budget Director Susanne Montoya, PAs may be submitted without account numbers for the SIG grant only. On the account code section, please indicate “SIG GRANT FUNDING.” Account numbers will be set up as soon as we receive the Grant Award Letter, which is anticipated to arrive in early April. The only expenditures allowed prior to 7/1/12, however, are for the budgeted “Pre-Implementation activities,” which are:
    • Action planning summer 2012 (specific goals, strategies, tasks, timelines, personnel assigned) Principals and school leadership teams develop action plans with WestEd - 12-hour training
    • Summer 2012 intensive training from WestEd for teachers. Culture setting/professional development - 20 hours
    All other SIG expenditures for year one must be made after July 1st unless the district submits a revised budget to CDE that includes additional pre-implementation expenses and it is approved by CDE.

    18. Q: Can SIG schools participate in the interviews for the Director of District Turnaround (DDT)?
    A: The process to be used for selecting interview panels for district-level positions is determined by the Superintendent, Executive Cabinet, or a designee of the Superintendent. In the case of the DDT, the panel will consist of members of Executive Cabinet and parents and teachers from the SIG sites.

    19. Q: Is there any way we can provide stability for our schools during layoff season?
    A: The best stability would be for the State to stop reducing SUSD’s budget! As long as the State’s budget is tumultuous, and without concessions from associations, it is difficult to protect from layoff. Statute generally dictates that layoff occur by seniority, however, the District is committed to providing as much stability for the SIG schools as is legally possible.

    20. Q: What will be done so that we can fill the Inside Intervention teacher positions budgeted for at certain SIG schools?
    A: HR will advertise the positions early, they will be site specific, and they will be listed on the first round transfer list.

    21. Q: Can we outsource to fill positions for the enrichment program?
    A: Yes, with caution. The enrichment program must be able to be offered at a cost within the amount budgeted in the state-approved SUSD SIG proposal for each site. Those amounts were based on implementation of the AARC (Academic Attendance Recovery Program). If your school opts to offer enrichment in a different manner, try to fill positions from existing staff first.