• 36. Q: Do our SMART and STRETCH goals need to be revised?
    A: Yes. WestEd will revise them and forward them to the district soon.

    37. Q: Is most of the SIG burden falling on teachers? What does SIG require of administration?
    A: SIG funding provides SUSD with an unprecedented opportunity to substantially improve student outcomes. The success of this project requires that all stakeholders including district administrators, WestEd, ALS, principals, parents, teachers and students are held accountable to clearly defined expectations. No group, including teachers, can be expected to succeed without adequate support.

    38. Q: Will class size stay the same at SIG schools?
    A: SIG will not affect class size.

    39. Q: Will the district help us develop our Action Plan?
    A: The Director of District Turnaround will closely support and WestEd will facilitate the development of an Action Plan for each SIG school. The Curriculum and Elementary Education Departments will continue to provide support.

    40. Q: How will the Action Plan affect the pacing guide?
    A: The Action Plan will not affect the pacing guide. Issues regarding the pacing guide will be best addressed during teacher collaboration time. SUSD’s Curriculum Department staff and WestEd specialists will be available for assistance with pacing guide issues.

    41. Q: Has a specific date been established for the waiver vote?
    A: According to the collective bargaining agreement, the waiver vote must occur at a regularly scheduled staff meeting. The last possible date for the vote, therefore, is the last regularly scheduled staff meeting of the 2011-2012 work year.

    42. Q: Are the District and the STA really collaborating on SIG?
    A: Yes. Although we disagree in some areas, we both want SIG to be successful and are working together to resolve any differences and negotiate any components that need to be negotiated according to the collective bargaining agreement. We both hope that SIG will become a sustainable model for our elementary schools.