Increased Learning Time

  • 1. Q: Are all teachers at SIG schools required to teach an extra hour each day and participate in the collaboration time?
    A: Yes.

    2. Q: Are teachers required to participate in the enrichment activities?
    A: No.

    3. Q: What curriculum are we expected to use for the S3TEM (Science, Social Studies, Technology, Engineering, and Math) hour?
    A: For science, social studies, and math SIG sites will use the board-adopted science and social studies curriculum as well as the ancillary materials in math, all of which you already have. For the technology component, you will not be "teaching" technology, other than the rudimentary use of it; instead, you will be integrating technology into the curriculum in order to leverage learning. The Instructional Technology Specialist serving the SIG schools will assist each school in dealing with this component. Engineering can be covered through basic science concepts and how they relate to math concepts; information about this can be found in FOSS materials and McDougal Science curriculum. The S3TEM period will be further developed by the DDT in collaboration with SIG teachers and principals.

    4. Q: Do we have to know exactly how we’re doing the enrichment program by the end of the 2011-2012 school year?
    A: No. You will begin to design your enrichment program as you do your Action Planning, but it will continue to be a work in progress and will be driven largely by student and family interests.

    5. Q: What will be the hourly rate paid to teachers for additional time worked due to SIG?
    A: Although the SIG budget approved by the CDE shows a rate of $41.23 per hour (plus benefits) for teachers’ additional time, the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the Superintendent and the STA President states that teachers will receive an hourly rate equivalent to their individual daily rate divided by 6. SUSD will honor the MOU and currently is working to revise the budget. All budget revisions, however, must be approved by the CDE.