• 33. Q: Can we get a copy of the entire SIG grant/budget?
    A: The state-approved SUSD SIG proposal, including the entire budget, is available for download on the district’s website home page. This budget will need to be revised, however, since some of the expenses it contains were disallowed by the state. Other revisions may be necessary as we work through issues related to site flexibility in developing Action Plans.

    34. Q: Things have changed at our site since the Needs Assessment was completed. Can we amend our budget as a result?
    A: First, be assured that each site’s needs will be reassessed on an annual basis. Changes to the current budget must first be approved by the Director of District Turnaround, the Grant Development Office, and the Budget Office. Proposed changes will then be submitted to the State Board of Education (SBE) for approval; if the SBE does not approve the changes, the changes may not be made.

    35. Q: Who will handle changes to the grant/budgets in years two and three of the grant?
    A: The Director of District Turnaround (DDT) will serve as the contact person between the district and the State Board of Education. The DDT will ensure that all expenditures are allowable and as described in approved budget; and the DDT will obtain prior approval from CDE if either the project or the budget must be altered or modified in any substantive way. SUSD’s Business Office will assist by monitoring the expenditure of grant funds according to approved project budgets and managing budget modifications as needed.