• Speed Soccer: 4 vs 4 Soccer Tournament. 

    Speed Soccer (Futsal) at Weber is a smaller, fast-paced version of soccer. It's played between two teams of four players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. This version permits unlimited substitutions throughout the entire game. Weber's Speed Soccer uses a grass surface marked by lines. Nonetheless, soccer shoes with cleats are not allowed. Weber uses a smaller, lower-bouncing ball instead of a traditional soccer ball. The game will consist of two 10-minute halves with a break of two minutes in between. The game emphasizes teamwork, improvisation, creativity, and technique. 

    Weber's students and parents must sign a permission slip for the student to be able to participate in the tournament. All forms are available on Weber's website and front office. 

    The tournament will start on Monday, April 25, and conclude on Friday, May 13. All games will be during the student's lunch break. The winning team will have an opportunity to compete against staff at a future date. 

    Speed Soccer is a Weber school tournament and is open to all Weber students regardless of their ethnicity, religion, socioeconomics, or gender.