Family Wellness Kits
  • The Mental Health & Behavior Support Services Department believes that family wellness is key in supporting a child's success in school. When we address a child’s social emotional needs we will see better behavioral, educational, and relationship outcomes.
    The Mental Health & Behavior Support Services Department has created this wellness kit to support your family’s social emotional growth. This workbook is designed as a guide for parents and caregivers as they learn new wellness tools that support the development of positive relationships. Practice activities that parents and caregivers can do with their children will help support family growth. You can choose to do some or all of the practice activities to reinforce your learning depending on what works for your family.
    This wellness kit will guide you through goal setting and the importance of positive reinforcement of four main skills: Mindful Breathing, Empathy, Communication, and Super Solver. This kit also contains information and resources for mental health and other resources within the community.

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