• Steps for applying to Delta College at Cesar Chavez High School 2020/2021 – (this is a 2 part process)

    You will need your Social Security Number to apply.

    Part 1 – Create a California Community Colleges (CCC) account

    Step 1 – Go to: www.deltacollege.edu  and select “Apply”                                                                                                                                                                   

     Step 1

     Step 2 – Select “Dual Enrollment College Early Start” 

    Step 2

      Step 3 – Select “Apply for Admission”      

    Step 3                                                      

    Step 4 – Select “Apply to Delta College”

    Step 4


    After you create your CCC Account, you will receive an email with your CCCID.

    This is NOT your Delta ID #. Please continue……..

    Once you have created a CCC account, follow steps 1-4 again. It should link you to your CCC account and you will begin the Delta College application.


     Part 2 – Apply for Delta College – Fall 2020


    Part 2


    • You will continue answering the questions on each page and then continue. 
    • There are 11 pages you must complete.
    • You will be asked to submit your application and then fill out a short survey. 
    • You are not finished until the screen tells you to log out. 
    • Your Delta ID will be emailed to you within 2 business days.
    • You will also receive instructions how to access your portal.  You should log into your portal and change your password.
    • After you have turned in all of your paperwork, you will need to access your portal to add your Delta course.  It will be your responsibility to add your class course.


    If you have any questions, ontact your counselor, Mrs. Greenwood (AGreenwood@stocktonusd.net) or Mrs. Sao (SSao@stocktonusd.net) for enrollment information.