• I hope that everyone is safe and healthy as we go through these troubling times. Our district has moved to Distance Learning and remains dedicated to providing high quality instruction and service to our students. 


  • Please read the process for Issuance of Work Permits during Distance Learning Due to COVID-19.

    Permit Process

    After finding the job

    • Students will print out the B1-1 work permit application.
    • Students will complete the minor/school information section.
    • Parents/Legal Guardians will complete their section.
    • Employer will complete the employer section and submit a signed copy of their Covid-19 procedures, if they have not already done so. (Please ask the employer) You cannot receive a permit without it.
    • If theyhave not turned in the Covid-19 form - please print it out and have them sign it and turn it in with your completed application.
    • Students must email the completed B1-1 application to the work experience teacher then the attendance and grades will be checked to be sure the students have met the requirements for obtaining a permit adn to check to see if the employer has their Covid-19 procedures on file.
    • Students will be contacted when the work permit is ready (24-48 hours).
    • Students must make an appointment with the work experience teacher to meet at the school to sign an pick up the work permit.
    • Students must take the signed permit to the Employer.