Distance Learning Information

  • Distance Learning Guidebook:







    Attendance will be taken daily.  

    Fourth-grade students are expected to have a minimum of 240 minutes (4 hours) instruction daily.  This time includes both live instruction and independent learning.  


    Live Instruction:


    Our class will be using Google Meets for live instruction.  If there is an adjustment in the platform, it will be posted in Google Classroom.  


    Independent Learning:


    Students will use Google Classroom for assignments and a daily check-in for attendance purposes.  




    Students in grades TK through 6 grade will receive a rubric or scale score (1, 2, 3, 4) on the report card.  


    Best Practices for Distance Learning:  


    Try to have a specific place, that is quiet and comfortable, to use every day for joining the live classes.

    Keep your paper, notebook and other school supplies in this same space.

    Close unneeded applications on your device to keep your video working best.

    In order for your teacher and classmates to see you, set up your device so that you are facing a light or window. You want the light shining on your face (not behind you).

    Keep your camera on during the live class. (If you cannot have your camera on, send your teacher a message to let him/her know).

    Keep your microphone on mute while others are speaking.

    Use the reaction and participation icons to participate while your mic is off.

    Use a headset with an external mic for best hearing and speaking, if possible

    When you are speaking, let others know that you are finished by saying one of these sign-offs: “That’s all.” “ I’m done.” “Thank you.” So that everyone knows you have finished your comments.

    Remember that the “chat box” is public and a record of the chat is kept.

    Be aware of your surroundings. Your teacher and classmates can see behind you.

     Be sure to only engage in school appropriate behavior and attire.  Remember that this is school!