• Hi there!

    My name is Nicholas Bryant and I am the 7th grade math and science teacher at Hong Kingston elementary.

    I was born and raised in Woodbridge, CA and graduated from both San Joaquin Delta College and CSU Sacramento. I hold two AA degrees and a BA. I am currently attending Teacher's College of San Joaquin to complete my multiple subject credential as well as my master's degree.

    Though I am new to classroom teaching, I have worked with children almost my entire life. I am devoted to teaching life skills as much as school subjects and it is my goal to make sure that every one of the students in our class feels like they matter.

    If there is ever a point where a student feels unsafe, unaccepted, or unsupported in our classroom, PLEASE let me know immediately and encourage the student to speak to me as soon as possible. Every student deserves to feel cared about.