• Family Engagement & Education Team


    Dara Dalmau - Administrator of Family Engagement & Education

    My Role:

    • As an administrator, I do whatever I can to make sure my 'work family' is happy and willing to serve our community to the best of our abilities.
    • I support our district's efforts in engaging and empowering our families hrough an array of educational opportunities.

    Support - Ask me About:

    • Ways to engage parents in school
    • Maintaining successful relationships
    • Parent Advisory Committees
    • Juggling different projects simultaneiously

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext. 2226

    Email: ddalmau@stocktonusd.net

    Kennetha Stevens - Coordinator of Family Engagement & Education

    My Role:

    • I support both district and site level family engagement efforts and empowerment.

    Support - Ask me About:

    • Implementation of effective family engagement strategies
    • Creating sustainable community collaborations and partnerships
    • Leadership Development

    Phone: (209) 933 -7470 ext. 2227

    Email: kstevens@stocktonusd.net

    Stephanie Zulueta - Administrative Assistant

    My Role:

    • I support the Familt Engagement & Education Office (FEEO)

    Support - Ask me About:

    • Current and upcoming parent workshops & Events
    • How FEEO supports school sites
    • Annual Volunteer Reception

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext. 2228

    Email: szulueta@stocktonusd.net

    Kristina Aguilera - Parent Liaison

    My Role:

    • Is to inspire, engage, and support the students, families, and communities of Stockton Unified. I create opportunities for families to participate in learning, leadership, and advocay that results in high levels of academic achievement.

    Support - Ask me About:

    • How to prepare your child for college and career
    • Parent Workshops/Trainings/Resources/District-Wide Events
    • Parent/Teacher/Student Association; Parent/Teacher Association; Parent/Teacher Organizaiton
    • Fundraising
    • School-site Family Engagement Activities/Events
    • Opening and maintaining two-way communication

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext 2224

    Email: kaguilera@stocktonusd.net

    Maggie Canela - Parent Liaison

    My Role:

    • To help families to create and build goal-directed relationships with the school district. I support families & schools.

    Support - Ask me About:

    • Creating site-level English as a Second Language (ESL)/Spanish GED classes for adults
    • Community partnerships, family engagement, and education.

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext 2222

    Email: mcanela@stocktonusd.net

    Aracely Vargas - Parent Liaison

    My Role:

    • I support 14 school sites.
    • I support all SUSD parents, students, and staff

    Support - Ask me About:

    • LatinX PAC
    • Fundraising
    • Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO); Parent/Teacher/Student Association (PTSA)
    • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
    • Family Events
    • Trainings
    • Community Resources

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext 2223

    Email: avargas@stocktonusd.net

    Charles Watkins - Parent Liaison

    My Role:

    • Parent Liaisons provide as access point for families to create and build goal-directed relationships with the school district. I support families and schools by providing resources and increasing family engagement within the district.

    Support - Ask me About:

    • Family Academy Workshops/Trainings/Resources
    • Involving fathers in education
    • Building relationships with your school-site
    • Parent Advisory/Leadership Groups

    Phone: (209) 933 - 7470 ext 2225

    Email: cjwatkins@stocktonusd.net