• What School Counselors do:

    Teach Class LessonsLike a teacher, we have classroom lessons that we teach based on standards. Some topics will include: ∙Respect & Responsibility ∙Personal and Academic Goal-setting ∙Career Exploration

    Individual CounselingSchool counselors serve as a listener and mentor to students and their families in times of need.  We offer extra help with school and friends.

    Small Group Counseling School counselors conduct small groups for students who share a common issue or event that has occurred in their lives such as divorce or death of a loved one

    SAP CoordinatorStudent Assistance Program, which means helping students get the help they need by working with other student support staff, teachers, and families. Includes CARE team and SSTs. 

    Crises ResponseWe serve students and their families during times where critical issues occur unexpectedly such as natural disasters like earthquakes or fires.

    Career CounselingWe help students understand the world of work and their personal interests and strengths. We introduce them to career paths and help with the transition to high school.