A.M.B. Program

    A.M.B. is an acronym that stands for ABOUT MY BUSINESS. This is the take away concept for our males that take part in our awareness program. A.M.B. is also a reminder for our young potential mentors, and participants to do what is necessary to succeed. This is internalized and chanted to ones self. The A.M.B. chant, once recited to ones self is a mental reminder, or a redirectional tool to remember what was taught, stay mindful of what needs to be done, and to stay goal oriented and focused.



    Ties that tie you together  A tie is just an assessory on the surface, but it is a tool that increases your level of dress, and people see you differently. Therefore, an attitude and a behavioral change along with a tie will allow people to see you in a different light. I dressed up in slacks, a button up shirt and tied it all together with a tie. Then I asked my A.M.B. mentors; "How do you think people reacted to me today, and what were some of the things you think people said to me." They all pondered and responded back with positive things, and they were all correct.

    Practice makes Perfect So, practicing tying a tie ties into tying your behavior and attitude to match your level of dress.

    Doing it well And, as you can see practice makes nearly perfect.

    A.M.B. Mentors and young ones A.M.B. mentors being role models for El Dorardo's Kindergarten and first graders.

     Listening and Learning Here we have our A.M.B. Mentor listening to his younger one during our session.

    2020 El Dorado basketball team all in TIES With a proper attitude, behavior change tied in with a TIE; success is next on the list. Here we have our 2020 El Dorado Basketball Team all in TIES ready to take on the competition. Let's go EAGLES, WHOO HOO, WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!!