Video 1 Student Work

  • The videos below are examples of the work students in the begining video class have done. The class is intended to get students aquainted with the basics of video production; things like composition, basic shots, professional editing, and basic camera operations. 


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  • A Video 1 student created this interview of Coach Smith. Students were asked to use A and B roll and edit together an interview of someone of their choice.

  • In this video the student chose to interview one of the members of the school football team. For B roll the student used footage another student created during the football season. 

  • This video was a Video 1 students response to the assignment of creating a short documentary. Clearly the student enjoys fishing and chose to document a day fishing trip he took. 

  • This video was actually a Social Science assignment that the student chose to do in his Video 1 class. This was the students first attempt at using a green screen and his first attempt at using Adobe Primere.

  • This Video 1 student had had just about enough of me, and decided to use Adobe After Effects to make me go away. This was his first attempt using After Effects, which is actually not a part of the formal curriculum.