• Stockton Master Innovators


    Applications for Stockton Master Innovators are currently being accepted.
    2020-2021 Juniors Apply Here for the Stockton Master Innovators Leadership Program

  • Stockton Master Innovators will include a diverse youth corps of 25 change agents—leaders, creators, and problem solvers—who are in their junior year of high school and prepared to lead transformational change.

    Master Innovators We are at a critical moment in America. Inequality is growing, and today’s students will face new challenges as our world becomes more interconnected, and technology continues to develop at a fast rate. Students who are best prepared for the future are change agents. We created Stockton Master Innovators so that our students might address those challenges.

    Participating students will bring their unique perspectives to solving the complex social and economic conditions in their communities. They will learn to develop the mindsets and practice critical skills, such as researching, setting goals, and directing their own learning, which will help them to thrive in high school and to become lifelong change agents in their communities.

    High school juniors will come together approximately once per month on weekends (Friday to Sunday). The program includes three core components:

    1. MONTHLY WORKSHOPS focused on studying global change agents. The workshops offer a unique opportunity for students to engage in deep dialogue and debate with each other. Students learn to examine their own beliefs, consider alternative perspectives, and develop empathy for others. Through this close examination of leadership, students reflect on their own purpose, passion, and journey as change agents.

    2. SKILL-BUILDING ACTIVITIES that build the foundation for academic and life success, including:
      • Curiosity and Belief: develop the courage, confidence, and resiliency to lead change
      • Research: be curious, question, and observe
      • Engage: communicate, collaborate and network effectively
      • Act: learn from a fast iterative process and not be afraid to fail forward
      • Analyze: think strategically, think critically, and recognize both patterns and connections

    3. STUDENT LED PROJECTS to explore community needs, then address a critical challenge. Students learn the innovation cycle by solving a series of challenges. Students start small with a one-day challenge using a human-centered design process used by innovators around the world; then team up and collaborate to solve a challenge set forth by the community, and finally, work independently to design their own projects and pilot an idea that solves a long-lasting problem that is important to them.

    Stockton Master Innovators seeks to light a spark for students to become change agents within their own communities.

    Past participants have:

    1. Designed initiatives that promote lifelong health and wellness habits students need to thrive in school
    2. Tackled issues of mental health that focused on access to care, removing the stigma of discussing it and creating supportive school environments
    3. Addressed issues of equity in schools to support students through the college application process and ensure they are prepared to succeed once in college
    4. Created spaces that reflect the community through student and community art installations
    5. Elevated student voice to create spaces that feel connected and promote unity across disparate communities

    Nominees should be:

    • Eager contributors
    • Thirsty for knowledge
    • Critical thinkers
    • Optimistic leaders
    • Comfortable with vulnerability, feedback, and difficult conversations
    • Able to see challenges as opportunities
    • High school juniors
    • Able to attend key workshop session dates 

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