PFT Resources and FAQs


    CDE Resources 


    PFT Reference Guide October 2018 (PDF, for Administrators)

    • The PFT Reference Guide is a great resource from the CDE that provides information on how to administer the tests. 

    PFT Coordinator Manual October 2018 (PDF, for District Coordinator)

    • The Coordinator Manual gives an overall view of the PFT purpose and processes.

    California Physical Fitness Test Training Resources (CDE Webpage)

    • This webpage contains the CDE Training Resources for PFT including:
      • Webinar
      • Coordinator Vieos
      • Administration Videos

    California Physical Fitness Test Resources (CDE Webpage)



    FITNESSGRAM Resources


    FITNESSGRAM Performance Standards 2017 (PDF)

    • These FITNESSGRAM charts provide information for each fitness test for the Healthy Fitness Zones.

    FITNESSGRAM Cooper Institute (Webpage)

    • This webpage is from the creator of FITNESSGRAM. 

    Presidential Youth Fitness Program (Webpage)

    • The Presidential Youth Fitness Program helps schools achieve excellence in physical education through quality fitness education and assessment practices.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where do I get a student’s height and weight?

    A: 5th grade teachers will get their height and weight from the school nurse and input into Illuminate. 7th and 9th grade PE teachers will measure height and weight for their students.


    Q: All grades are in Illuminate? Do I have to input for all grades?

    A: No, only grades 5, 7, 9 are required. Others may be input if you would like to record their results, but this is optional.


    Q: I see more tests and metrics in Illuminate. Are these all required?

    A: No. CDE has approved additional tests that we do not required for SUSD.


    Q: What do I do if I cannot test a student due to injury or other?

    A: Email Chandra Cooper with the student ID and reason. The student will appear in Illuminate, but will not be included in participation reports.


    Q: How do I enter height/weight?

    A: Round up/down as appropriate. These must be whole numbers.


    Q: I input my information but I don’t see it in the Participation Reports. What do I do?

    A: Check for a Start Date. If the start date is missing, information will not reflect in the reports. Otherwise, contact the District Coordinator.