Technology Q&A


    Kinder QR code login for google account. Where are we on this?

    This concept is under review. Selected sites are piloting this spring. If the pilot is successful, we can provide this to all sites. This also depends on the Chromebook's camera accessibility through the Google operating system.


    Will usernames and passwords be their ID# and birth dates?

    Mostly No.  Student SIS numbers and birthdates are not secure usernames and passwords.  We will use the students' SUSD Google accounts for single sign-on as we are currently doing for the new history-social science curriculum. We are working on the QR codes to access the Chromebooks more efficiently for the K-2 students.  More information in the QR question above.


    Will there be a single sign on?

    Yes. All new programs will be rostered from Synergy and updated nightly and will use the student and staff SUSD Google accounts for single sign-on.


    Is Imagine Learning available next year?

    Imagine Learning & ST Math will no longer be available. We will fully implement a new curriculum and utilize the online components they provide.


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