Materials Q&A


    Is it possible for those of us who came to the Spring training to get our materials delivered first?

    Materials are being dispersed by grade to the sites and cannot be individually dispersed.


    Could you please let us know what curriculum can be removed as obsolete?

    Please communicate with your site AP or program specialist or media assistant who was given training by the district librarian on what to do with the curriculum on site. An obsolete list and what to do with them was provided.


    Will we be using Write Time, Open Court, and/or phonics with benchmark?

    These programs will be set aside next year. We will fully implement the Benchmark program to determine if all needs are met or if there are any gaps that could potentially be supplemented by other materials. First, we must implement the Benchmark as designed.


    Are we getting our materials (curriculum) before summer break?

    Materials will be assigned in late July to ensure we have a full set of student and teacher materials at the start of school.


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