myPerspectives Q&A


    What tests for ELA will be required?

    An SUSD assessment calendar will be created identifying which assessments are required and which are discretionary by grade and subject.


    Will novels (trade books) be purchased?

    Yes. Three titles are suggested for each unit for each grade. Pilot teachers who have experience with the program and department chairs will be consulted for recommendations, which will be cross-checked against what we currently have in inventories.


    Will teachers only have access to the grade levels they teach or multiple grade levels?

    Teachers have online access all grade levels.  Under Profile, Settings, you can choose the grade levels you would like to access.


    Pacing? There are 180 days of instruction given-what is the expectation for teachers to complete?

    The concern is teachers will skip program components such as small group and independent learning in order to keep on pace and complete all units.

    The expectation is for teachers to complete all 6 MyPerspective unit. A district pacing guide is being generated.


    Should the units be kept in order?



    Will there be a consistent message regarding “space to learn the curriculum”?

    Under discussion, see pacing comment above.


    Support for Special Education teachers/students, what are there resources?

    Special education teachers are included in the resource and material distribution. Curriculum and special education departments are collaborating on materials needed by site and teacher.


    When will we have access to ELD companion?

    Your ELD companion is currently available in your MyPerspectives account.


    Will there be a separate training for the ELD program?

    Yes, there will be training for 7-8th grade ELD teachers who are teaching the program on June 29 and 30.


    Consumable guidelines, do students tear out pages, take home, store in the desk?

    Pages may be torn out to be sent home, where applicable. This preserves the remainder of the book which can remain in the classroom. Some activities may require the student workbook to be sent home as a resource for the activity. Student workbooks are replenished each year. Students new to class mid-year will have access to the same materials currently assigned to the classroom as their peers.


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