How fast should you be going?

  • A student must be on a track of completing 1 course every 3 weeks in order to stay even with completing the normal year of 60 high school credits.

    • 60 Credits= 12 courses of 5 credits each
    • There are 38 weeks in a school year
    • 38 weeks/by 12 courses = 3 weeks per course (with 2 weeks of wiggle room)


    In order to accomplish credit recovery, a student must be on a pace of completing courses in less than 3 weeks.

    Completing 1 course every 2 weeks for a full year results in recovery of 35 credits or 7 courses (or the equivalent of making up a little more than one semester)

    • 38 weeks/2weeks per course= 19 courses completed in a year
    • 19 completed courses- 12 courses (normal work load)= 7 courses recovered


    Completing 1 course every week for one semester results in recovery of 65 credits or 13 courses (or the equivalent of making up a little more than a year’s credits).

    • 38 weeks/2 semesters= 19 weeks in a semester
    • 19 courses completed (at 1 per week)- 6 courses normally completed in a semester= 13 courses recovered
    • At this pace, a year can be made up in one semester



    Many students may find themselves with overwhelming credit deficiencies and may have goal of completing only the 160 credits required to graduate from the Adult Education Program with a high school diploma. For these students, a pace of 1 course every 4 weeks may be sufficient.

    • 160 credits/5 credits per course= 32 courses
    • 32 courses/4= an average of 8 courses per year (4 per semester)
    • 38 weeks/8 courses= 4 weeks per course (with 6 weeks of wiggle room)