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    Pulliam Elementary School Library

    230 Presido Way, Stockton, Ca  95210

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    Pulliam Elementary School believes our library is a vital part of your student’s success.  Reading material in a variety of subjects and reading levels is available to check out.  Books are precious commodities that should be treated accordingly.  Your child will be instructed on how to properly care for and use the library books and/or textbooks.  However, there are occasions when an accident occurs where a book is lost, stolen, or becomes damaged.  It is the student’s responsibility to make the librarian aware of ANY damage in a library book and/or textbook immediately, or the librarian will assume the student is responsible.

    A full accounting of all textbooks and library books is expected.  Students who have lost their textbooks/library books will be charged the full cost of the book.  Students will be made aware of the textbook/library number that they are being charged for. 

    Students will be given overdue notices.  If by the end of the school year a student has not returned a checked out book, or paid for the book, his/her transcript maybe held and not released until the book is returned or payment has been made.  A student will not be allowed to check out library books if he/she owes any books or fines to another school.

    Student will not be allowed to check out library or textbooks unless this contract is signed and returned to the child’s teacher or library.  (Please return this entire sheet).




    Rules for Borrowing

    .  Classes have signed up for regular weekly library times.

    .  The library is open to all students in the mornings only (Please get a Library pass from the Noon-Duty staff). 

    .  Students in Kindergarten through 1st grade my borrow up to 2 books a week.

    .  Second through 8th grade students my borrow 3 books a week.

    .  All books are due TWO WEEKS from checkout date, however, all books can be renewed once returned.




    Bookmark Contest - Students in all grades are invited to submit their bookmark designs to Mrs. Hodges.  If your bookmark is chosen it will be printed and distributed to all students that check out library books.  Blank bookmark are available in the Library.


    Book Adventure -  Book Adventure is a motivation program that encourages students to read great books, take quizzes and win prizes.  For more information see Mrs. Hodges.




    "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"