• Join our PTA!

     I am so eager to present new ideas, fundraisers, and increase our parent involvement in order to meet our goal of giving more back to the kids.

    What is PTA?


    When do we meet?

     First PTA meeting of the year will be held on Wednesday AUGUST 14th in the library at 3:30pm !


    How can I join? 

    Membership for PTA is only $10 for the year!  - (I know right, super reasonableJ )

     **We are in need of a minimum of 30 memberships total in order for it to meet the requirements.



    If you would like to support PTA but are unable to attend the meetings (for some strange reason) you can still become a memberand support us as best you can!

    Feel free to stop by my office or contact me via phone or email for further questions.

     209.933.7265 ext 6010

    Hope to see you there!