• Medical Assistant Program



    October 5,2018








    October 3,2018




    Learn the basic of EHR funcionality

    *Become familuar with EHR terms

    *Learn the benifits both, clinical and fianincal, of the EHR





    October 1,2018

    Students will take a test to show proof if learned skills in Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    there will be mutiple choice, fill in the blans, true / false, and written varification on the Test.







    September 15-30

    Objective: Students will definof the and spell the terms for Assisting with Medical Specialties

    List duties of the medical assistant when assisting in the field  of allergy and immunology.

    Expaling how various allerg test are perform,identify duties of the medical assistant when working in cardiology and dermatology, gastrology,orthopedics,and neurology. Identify common risk factors associated in the field of cardiology. 


    A quiz and test will be given to verify masterd skills in all areas. Hands on and written verification.







    September 1-15

    Objective: Students will define and spell the terms of this chapter, by differentiating between types of ambulatory surgery. List guidelines for surgical aseptic techniques.




    • Outline the differences between medical and surgical asepsis.
    • Descrbe the types of instruments commonly used during ambulatory surgery.
    • list details pertaining to the use of spacefic  types of suture materials. 
    • Identify guidelines for handliing instruments
    • Describe the steps to prepare a patient for minor surgery 
    • Outline specific considerations related to post operative patient care.










    August 30-31 2018


    1.Vital signs are important indicators of health states of the body

    2. Vital signs are defines as various determinations that provide informations about the basic body conditions of the patient.

    3. By the end of this lesson everey student will be able to define all of the words in this Vital Signs Vocabulary.

    4.Students will be able to identify the medical equipment normally used by Health Care professionals in assessing a patients vital signs.

    5. Students will be able to demonstrate the proper procedures to take a set of Vitals Signs on a partner and accurately demonstrate tha skill to the teacher in under 3 miinutes.





    3.Blood Pressure Cuff


    5. Watch with second hand


    We will begin our practice in clinical on Wed-Fri.














    August 15, 2018


    Students will complete the Pre-Test  for Medical Assistant after students have completed the test we will review and discuss strength's and weakness in order to show growth n areas needed to be successful in the program before they began their externship.


    • Medical Math
    • Medical Terminology
    • Medical Abbreviations

    The examines will be both paper and online.


    Industry Certifications

    As part of your Medical Assistant Program, you are given the opportunity to receive several Industry Certifications. These certifications move you up the priority list for job shadows, internships and paid work. Some are free to you, like the HIPAA Certification and the Bloodborne Pathogens completion. Some, you have to pay for: CPR, AED, Adult/Pediatric First Aid. 

    HIPAA Certification

    As part of complying with the HIPAA Privacy regulations, everyone is required to take and complete a 1.5 hour HIPAA Awareness Training.This training provides an overview of the HIPAA Privacy regulations as well as information and guidelines on each person's responsibilities under HIPAA to keep information private and confidential. The training is self paced and provided in an online / web based format.To login and take the training you can go to:

    URL: https://www.hipaatraining.com/login
    Username: HCA 
    Password: PASSION 

    The training should take about 1.5 hours to complete.There is no requirement to complete the training in one sitting, so if you get interrupted, you can simply logoff or close the browser.Then when you want to resume, login again and click on the lesson you stopped at to continue. At the end of the training there will be a final exam which each person will need to successfully pass with 90% or higher. If you don't pass the first time, you can take it as many times as you need to pass. Also if you want to take the final exam again to get a higher score, feel free.

    Once you pass, you will enter your name on the certificate and then you will receive a PDF certificate immediately for saving or printing for your records. You will need to submit the certificate to the proper assignment in Jupiter Grades for credit. If you have become industry certified and received a card/certificate with the certification expiration and number, please fill out this form. If you have any questions, please talk to Bolthouse, Edmond, Ramirez or Areida.