Principal Mogan

  • Welcome to Stockton High School,

    My name is Tommy Mogan and I am the new assistant principal at Stockton High School. 

    I am very excited for this new year, and the opportunity to lead a school that is successful in supporting students on their pathway to graduation.  Not every student finds success in traditional schools; we are here to educate and graduate our students with the tools necessary to be productive members of society.  

    Stockton High School is a unique campus, and offers a different approach to learning.  We are a specialty high school offering an Independent Study program.  Students are required to attend school daily for 2 hours and 20 minutes and must complete a majority of the work outside of class

    Parents and students interested in attending Stockton High School must attend an Orientation prior to applying.  

    If you are interested in attending an Orientation, please call the main office (209)933-7365 and ask to be placed on the list.

    Stockton High School is proud to be a WASC Accredited school.  WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is an evaluation process which shows our school is worthy of the trust placed on us to provide high-quality learning and we clearly demonstrate continual self-improvement.  We maintain quality faculty within our effectively organized school.  We work together to assess the quality of our program on a regular basis, and have ongoing plans for the future.

    Our team of teachers, counselors, office support, and every employee at SHS are here with the same values; to nurture every learner. 

    If you have questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

    Thank You, 

    Tommy Mogan
    Principal, Stockton High School