• Ms. Kulm 

    Hello! My name is Kara Kulm and welcome to my website!

    "I'm going to inspire history to be made by teaching it"

     I recived my Bachelors in History from Stanislaus State University in 2019 and I am currently in pusuit of my teaching credential from Teachers College of San Joaquin. I have always wanted to become a teacher, especially from the impact Cesar Chavez High School had on me. I graduated from CCHS with some of my greatest memories. CCHS staff helped me thrive in high school and I wanted to make that same impact on my own students.

    I am thrilled to be a Titan once again!


    Please feel free to contact me at KLKulm@stocktonusd.net


     "Once a Titan always a Titan"

        "Once a Titan, always a Titan"