• Ms. Kailee Lewis teaches 9th graders at Cesar Chavez High School. 

    1st Period: AVID 9 2nd Period: AVID 94th Period: English 1 Honors


    Ms. Lewis can be reached the following ways: 

    Email: kalewis@stocktonusd.net

    - OR - 

    If you are a parent and would like to join the Parent Remind groups to get updates from Ms. Lewis, please join according to the period your child has Ms. Lewis. You'll need to send the appropriate message below (based on class period) to the number 81010. 

    1st Period: @cchsavid1p2nd Period: @cchsavid2p4th Period: t2eng1hpts

    Google Classroom: If you (or your student) needs to access google classroom, please refer to the google classroom codes below: 

    1st Period: k7bzneu2nd Period: 622txx44th Period: 25j4irm