• In order to get a Work Permit, Students need to do the following...
      • Secure employment
      • Fill out an Application Request Form B1-1
      • Return it to Mr. Calder's Office (A129) - see office hours
    • Applications are available in the following places...
      • Mr. Calder's Office (A129)
      • Main Office 
      • Click HERE.
    • Students must also meet the requirements for obtaining a Work Permit.
      • GPA, attendance & discipline
      • For work hour restrictions by age, see page 2 of the B1-1 form
    • All minors (students under 18) need a Work Permit, unless you have graduated.
    • All work permits expire one week (5 days) after the following school year begins.
    • Students can NOT work during school hours.



    Mr. Calder

    Work Experience Education (WEE Coordinator)

    Office: A129

    Phone: 209-933-7480 Ext. 8932

    Fax: 209-475-9097

    Email: tcalder@stocktonusd.net OR tcalder@stocktonusd.org