About the Teacher

  • We're learning to work! Patricia Jannay


    Hi, I'm Pat Jannay. I have been teaching at the BOSS Center at Stagg for 22 years. The BOSS Center is a vocational skills training class for special day class students. We run a copy center for the school and work for a school fundraising business. Most years, we do about 1.3 million copies per year! We also discuss and encourage good work habits, those one needs in any kind of job. Examples include being on time, following directions, getting along with co-workers and staff, and handling equipment properly. I am in Room K-5 and you are welcome to visit any time. If you need to reach me, please e-mail pjannay@stocktonusd.net or call the school phone (209-933-7445) and ask for extension 38478. Thanks for checking out my page!