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PLUS Summit Draws SUSD Leaders

Hundreds of SUSD sixth, seventh and eighth graders packed the Spanos Center at the University of the Pacific last week for a student leadership summit to talk about ways to continue to make schools happier places of learning for ALL students.
Students from throughout the district participated in the Peer Leaders Uniting Students day-long workshop led by PLUS director John Vandenburgh, SUSD coordinator Jillian Glende and education services director Reyes Gauna. Superintendent Julie Penn was a featured speaker, getting the nearly 900 students to their feet in a rousing chorus of support for the power of student inclusion and leadership.
The PLUS program launched in the high schools two years ago and was such a success it was expanded to the elementary schools, where teams of student leaders engage students to make them feel welcome and part of the school family. The students intervene in bullying, disagreements and other school issues that in the past would have solely been addressed by adults on campus.

“No one wants to be alone. Every student at your school wants a friend. They want to be included,” Vandenburgh said. “You are the ones to make a difference.”
In fact, the data reported that day show rates of bullying and crime son campus down significantly from years past and far lower than state and national averages. Congratulations to the PLUS Teams at our schools!

For more information on the PLUS leadership program, which includes teams of more than 200 students at each school, call Jillian Glende at 933-7130, extension 8266.

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From the Superintendent: STA Negotiations Update

Julie-PennMarch 4, 2015 - It is critical that you be informed about our ongoing negotiations over reopeners with the Stockton Teachers Association. The STA has called a strike vote for Tuesday, March 10. I believe it is only fair that our employees, teachers and the rest of our staff be aware of what the District has offered the union, where that puts our teachers’ compensation compared to others in our area and what a strike could mean to our employees.

So, we have put together a web page filled with information that I trust addresses any concerns or questions you may have. We are committed to putting more helpful information on this page as it is available. I hope you will look at it. http://susd-ca.schoolloop.com/STANegotiationsUpdate


Another Successful Rotary Read-In!

Thank you to all of the hundreds of volunteers and the Rotary Read-In directors who staged the biggest reading event yet on February 26. We had community members in just about every pre-k through 3rd grade class in Stockton Unified School district and the students loved every minute of it. We know your time is important and we appreciate your spending some of it with us. Our students are our single most important asset and we appreciate all your support to help them succeed.


SUSD 2015-16 LCAP Outreach Begins

2015-16 is year-two for the state’s Local Control Accountability Plan and SUSD is already planning for it. Join us. We have a number of parent meetings scheduled at our schools (go HERE ) and look forward to seeing you there. Last year the LCAP included funding for a number of programs our SUSD community requested to help us improve academic achievement for low income, English learners and foster youth.
What more should the district do? What are your ideas? Look for more meetings, a special survey, HERE on the LCAP webpage. We want to hear from you!