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Thank You Love Stockton!

Stockton Unified schools thank Love Stockton! for the organizations on-the-ground work to help spruce up our schools Saturday. Thousands of volunteers signed up to work on projects all over the city, including seven SUSD elementary schools. They raked leaves, picked up trash, planted, painted and made repairs that left our schools looking, well, loved. Stockton’s churches pitched in big time this year to make this annual event a success. Check out our gallery of just some of the work at Pittman, Cleveland, Tyler and Elmwood schools. And thank you again!

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SUSD Parents Go Back to School

btsA big thanks from all our schools to the thousands of parents who are participating in this year’s back-to-school night events. While a few schools held their back-to-school night events the night before school started August 12, most are wrapping them up now.

“It is so important for our parents to come see what we are doing, visit our classrooms and meet the teachers to hear what the expectations for the year are,” said Cleveland Principal Heidi Mohammadkhan, who hosted a hugely successful back-to-school night this year.

Parents agree. “I want to understand where my daughter is in her class so I know where she needs help,” said Huerta Elementary parent Joanna Martinez. “Does she need to read more or should we spend more time on her math homework? I find this out by talking her her teacher and other parents should do that too.”

Added SECA freshman parent Michael Molamphy, “We come to get familiar with the school and meet the teachers…find out what the students are doing. I am also looking for ways to volunteer.”

It is important that parents develop a positive working relationship with their school early in the year and to keep with their students’ progress. Parents can access student progress, attendance and grades through an online program, ParentVue, or by checking regularly with the teacher. If you are not familiar with ParentVue contact the Parent Empowerment Office at 933- 7470 for training.

If you missed back-to-school night, be sure to keep in touch with your child’s school and teacher! Our schools plan events all year long so don’t miss out.

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