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Superintendent's Letter

Welcome Back to School SUSD Parents!
Welcome Back to School SUSD Families!

Remember, we start August 12! Our staff is looking forward to seeing you and your students as we launch what we hope will be a very successful year for our students!

SUSD will be launching a number of programs aimed at making this the best year ever in our schools. As you know, our teachers will be working off of new standards, known as the Common Core. (You may have attended one of our many parent workshops on the Common Core held last year.) We have provided our teachers training and resources to help them succeed. But they need parent support, so remember: Teacher assigned homework is critical to your student’s achievement this year. There will be more reading! More writing! And more critical thinking! Please have your students spend time developing skills in these areas!


New SUSD Website

We have given our district website a new, updated look that is compatible to modern internet browsers and responsive to all mobile devices.The changes reflect our focus on our parents and students. More importantly, it will be much cleaner and clearer for our staff and families to navigate. However, we know this is a change for our users and we ask for your patience as you are getting used to the new site. Visit the site a few times and see if you think it is more welcoming and easier to use.
View the images below to get acquainted with the new layout.

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