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Stockton Unified Students Spend an Hour of Code


Eighth graders at Nightingale School learned in an hour last week a critical skill for young students all over the world: writing computer code.

They joined students throughout Stockton Unified School district who participated in a global initiative aimed at inspiring students to consider careers in computer science and having fun at the same time.

At Nightingale School, eighth graders in Kate Burns’ class worked intently for the hour, learning how to do code and then then creating special games and apps for everything from “Frozen” themed fashion to versions of “Angry Birds.” “I thought it would be difficult, but it was really pretty easy,” said eighth grader Ismael Omar. In fact, Omar plans to study architecture, but he thinks he may also be interested in a future coding. Or, he’ll do both: coding for architecture.


Stagg Welcomes Important Author


Hundreds of Stagg high school students welcomed Matt de la Pena, author of five critically acclaimed young adult novels, including “Mexican WhiteBoy,” for an hour long presentation that had the students on their feet with applause and reaching for a copy of the author’s books.

Mr. de la Pena described an upbringing close to many of those in the room: He was raised in an all-Hispanic, low-income neighborhood by parents who never discussed the possibility of college with him. No one he knew had gone to college. And once he got an idea it might be for him, he had to confront mediocre grades (the result of not reading enough), and no money for tuition.


Congratulations 2014 Spirit of Literacy Award Winners!

litawardthumb2Stockton Unified is so proud of its San Joaquin A+ Spirit of Literacy Award Winners, celebrated at a countywide event  last week for contributions to the organization’s mission of early and excellent literacy. This year Maxine Hong Kingston’s Preschool was named Literacy program of the Year and longtime El Dorado teacher Tracey Sittig was awarded Educator of the Year!


Kingston Marches Against Bullying

stopbullyingHong Kingston/Valenzuela Magnet Elementary School celebrated Unity Day, created by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to unite schools and communities against bullying, in a BIG way. In addition to wearing orange to show their support, students, faculty and staff joined together for a school-wide march against bullying!